How to Make Money on Fiverr 2020 (Work From Home)

How to Make Money on Fiverr 2020 (Work From Home)

Covid-19 has flipped the world upside down, and unfortunately, there’s no clear end in sight. In a time where silver linings are few and far between, our relationship with work is undergoing a fundamental change. Stanford researchers (among a growing public consensus) believe that vast corporate offices currently gathering dust may remain that way as remote working proves its viability, and that the transition to machine learning and automation has only accelerated. On the other side of the pandemic, whenever that may be, many may find desirable positions for which they’re qualified to be a thing of the past. The gig economy might’ve been made for a moment like the one we’re in now.

For anyone who has contemplated setting out on their own freelancing in the past, the urgency of our public health crisis should prove that there’s no better time to do so than the present. Platforms like Fiverr make it easier to break into the gig economy than ever before. Not sure how to get started? This article is the perfect place to start. Read on and be sure to view the video below to start making money doing the things you love.

What is Fiverr?

In short, Fiverr’s a platform that serves as a medium between those looking to provide and seek services. The platform’s become more popular in recent memory, and is now a full-blown marketplace where freelancers can offer everything from graphic design work to screenplays. Originally, most gigs on the site only ran for $5 (hence the name), but now gig prices vary widely, allowing freelancers to make sustainable incomes and for gig seekers to receive higher quality service.

Making an Account

Whether you’ve made an account on Fiverr already or not, there are few things you should keep in mind to optimize your account. Remember, in a marketplace filled with eager freelancers, standing out among the crowd will be key to winning the attention and business of gig seekers.

Be sure to include at least your first name on your account username. Establishing a connection between you and your customer on a first-name basis will enhance your relationship, make it personal, and establish trust. Your picture should also appear professional and friendly – again, be sure to show your face! Personalizing and humanizing your experience is absolutely essential. Remember that there are real people that’ll be looking over your profile and gig, and your account profile is the medium through which you’ll need to convince them that you’re a real person, too. When you go to write your description – which’ll show up on your home page – include relevant, brief information that calls attention to your experience, education, skills, accolades, passions, and generally where you’re at currently in your life.

Figuring Out What to Sell

With your account configured, your next step is to hone in on what you’d like to sell. Loving to write is a great ambition, and Fiverr is definitely a place worth pursuing that passion – but as you’ll quickly realize just by looking at the service categories, you’ll need to be specific if you’ve got any chance in making your passion a reality. If you’re not sold on any particular path, think about what skills you have experience with. For example, if you’ve used Adobe Photoshop in the past, the graphic design service category is a great place to start, and offering a skill such as logo design could be your best bet.

If you’re having a hard time picking a category and variety of gig to focus on, take a deep breath. There are a ton of options, and at a quick glance, the breadth of what Fiverr offers is intimidating. Think about your skills, or what you have experience with. Start off in the most basic sense, like writing, playing video games, or business marketing and go from there. If you’re interested in beefing up your savvy with any number of skills, sites like Skillshare are a great place to explore and learn.

Making Your First Gig

Once you’ve figured out the skill you want to offer, it’s time to make your first gig. There are a few different steps to this process, and taking your time is key to producing a quality gig. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you work through setting up the five features of your gig. 

The title of your gig might be the most important part of winning business. Look around at some of the other gigs in your category to get a feel for the marketplace. Don’t plagiarize, obviously – just use what’s out there as inspiration for how you want to showcase your services. After you’ve got a catchy and concise title, you’ll need to select a gig category. Fiverr will suggest categories for you, and usually they’re pretty spot on, but don’t think too hard about whether your gig would fit one category or another. Then, you’ll need to select your metadata, which essentially helps people find services that are best for them. This includes language, tone, type of service, and topic. Select a few tags that are relevant to the skill of your gig – for example, SEO writing for article writing services.

Next, you’ll need to configure the pricing packages for your gigs. There are a few different ways you can do this, but it’s best to offer the three different price tiers for your gigs for added flexibility. The basic, standard, and premium package options let you serve your different customers uniquely! Don’t think too hard about the pricing of your gigs for your first gig posting – start the basic pricing out at $5 or $10. While this might sound counterproductive, Fiverr’s platform will promote your gig as you gain traction, and winning those first few orders and delivering quality content is critical for your growth. You can always raise prices once you’re established.

When describing your pricing packages, be as clear as possible. Fancy language won’t win you any points with customers before they place an order. Use concise language to precisely describe what your customers will be paying for, and add additional features as you scale up to your premium packages. An important feature to pay attention to is the extra services you can add. Fiverr will recommend a few based on your gig, but adding extra fast delivery as an option is an easy way to boost your income on each gig.

The description for your gig is your chance to sell yourself and your services, and it should take you some time. Take another look around at similar gigs for inspiration, and do your best to be clear and engaging. Prospective customers will absolutely read your description, so it’s important that you try to display yourself as someone they’d be confident doing business with.

Providing gig requirements in the second to last section might be tempting to skip, but the more questions you provide, the better. It’ll help you get as much detail as possible when working with orders that can occasionally be ambiguous, and it’ll also make your operation look a little more professional. The last step will be to add an image for your gig – another crucial element of catching a customer’s eye. Picking an image that is aesthetically pleasing is key, and websites like Unsplash offer beautiful copyright free images you can utilize.

Now What?

Your gig is well thought out, thoroughly designed, and ready for action. A last bit of parting advice would be to remain patient. It took me nearly two weeks to get my first order, and it was from a customer messaging me asking for something a loosely related what my gig was about. Don’t get discouraged, and don’t be afraid to tweak your gig down the line or make another one if you want to expand offerings or change your focus.

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